Chengdu Xingzhi Patent Agency has been named as State-Level in Patent Operation Pilot Enterprise

  Intellectual property operation

  Intellectual Property Analysis and appraisal

  Based on information analysis, intellectual property competition in economic and technological activities are reviewed and feasibility of technological innovation and rationality of intellectual property disposal are assessed, evaluated, audited and justified so as to put forward the countermeasures and suggestions to governments, enterprises and institutions for their economic and technological activities.

  Intellectual Property License/Transfer Trusteeship

  Through trusteeship, patents of clients are collected and stored into our patent pool, where they are licensed or transferred to relevant enterprises.

  Establishment of the Patent Pool

  Based on intellectual property analysis and appraisal, clients (enterprises or industrial alliance) will be helped to build a patent portfolio and establish a patent pool for a core technology.

  National Patent Operation Platform

  In the early 2015, Xingzhi Patent was rated as one of the national patent operation pilot companies. 10 million RMB was invested to incorporate Sichuan Xingzhi Intellectual Property Operation Service Co., Ltd.. becoming the first patent operation service provider in the western China. The company is backed by an international operation system and a professional team, which offers the following products:

  Patent Pool establishment

  Patent layout

  Patent analysis and appraisal

  Patent operation rights trusteeship

  Patent pledge and financing

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