Chengdu Xingzhi Patent Agency has been named as State-Level in Patent Operation Pilot Enterprise

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Our Clients

  We are not business aircraft carrier,

  but their protective lighthouse,

  To pursue better performance and to pay back your encouragement,

  let’s race ahead ,hands by hands, shoulders by shoulders;

  With you on the journey, we shall surely win!


  Since incorporation of Xingzhi Patent, we have made the following achivements:

  Total patent application cases: 22,000;

  Percentage of licensed invention patents: 80%;

  Percentage of licensed utility model and appearance patents: 99%;

  Total trademark registration cases: 3,000;

  Total IPR protection litigation cases: 400;


  From 2011 to 2013, total cases of patent appications reached 4832,5458,and6094 respectively, ranking top in three consecutive years.

  Since its establishment, the company has built IPR protective wall for the core technologies of the following enterprises:

  UESTC (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

  China Huashi Group Co., Ltd.

  SWJTU(Southwest Jiaotong University) China MCC5 Group Co., Ltd.

  SCU(Sichuan University)

  Sichuan Bons Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

  SWPU(Southwest Petroleum University)

  CETC Avionics Co., Ltd.

  Sichuan Electric Power Research Institute Nuclear Power Institute of China

  CAEP(China Academy of Engineering Physics)

  Tianwei New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

  Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Science Chengdu Spaceon Technology Co., Ltd.

  Sichuan Pharmacy Co., Ltd

  Chengdu Kelai Software Co., Ltd

  Sichuan Mike Biotechnology Co., Ltd

  Chengdu Lingchuan Special Industrial Co., Ltd

  Chengdu Cameido Shoes Co., Ltd

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